About Monist

Discover a hotel where time flows slowly.
monist story

Everyone around you is complaining about time passing too quickly. Monday. Blink. Weekend. Blink. Summer. Blink. And now it's time to get ready for the winter holidays. But time is running away as we turn our lives into routine. Monist wants your time to slow down.

While the term monism usually describes a philosophical belief in the unity of all things, in this context, it reflects a unique approach to rest. This new boutique space is perfect for comfortable sleep, long breakfasts, and relaxing treatments. Here, you slow down and focus on the connections important to you: with yourself, loved ones, or even with your colleagues.

There's more. We'll help you with tips on where to spend your free time, what to visit, and where to rest. Boutique is about quality, mindfulness, and warmth. You'll face yourself here but also find yourself relaxing amongst like-minded people escaping the city.

Who knows, maybe you'll strike up a conversation about slowing down. And that fleeting time will magically start to slow down.

Stay at Monist

The freshest boutique hotel in Palanga

You'll encounter deep sleep, long breakfasts, and relaxing treatments when you arrive at Monist. Here, it's easy to slow down and connect with yourself or your loved ones.
Only 30 modern rooms encourage you to rest deeply, while the common areas invite you to have a heart-to-heart conversation and focus on the connections important to you. Guests say time slows down here. And we smile — that's the way we planned it.
Monist restaurant serves slow breakfasts and memorable dinners inspired by local delicacies and everyday food. And the conversations sparked over dinner continue in the Monist bar, where mixologists pour conversation-colouring cocktails into glasses.
The compact Monist SPA offers plenty of space for relaxation: to bid farewell to your worries in jacuzzi, warm up in the sauna, and regain energy with relaxation rituals. The treatments are performed by Monist SPA professionals trained by specialists at